‘Wasim Akram thodi na hai aap, toh phir kyun karna?’

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Virender Sehwag subtly mocked Mohammad Nawaz after his ending on the fiasco in the ICC blockbuster T20 World Cup 2022 clash between India and Pakistan at the MCG on Sunday 23rd October. With India needing 16 runs from the remaining six deliveries, Pakistan captain Babar Azam had to give the ball to Nawaz as there were no options left.

Commenting on the nail-biting final where Pakistan ended up on the losing side, Sehwag said Nawaz should have stuck to his natural left arm spin deliveries instead of experimenting. Making fun of his (Mohammad Nawaz) tactics, the former India starter said that Nawaz is not Wasim Akram.

I would have advised him to throw a normal spin with the left arm: Virender Sehwag

“If he had been there, I would have advised him to throw with the normal left arm swing because you’re going to get hit for runs, but there shouldn’t be any worries. Yeah, 16 runs is no less, but don’t be afraid to throw.” Why are you even trying to attempt something you’ve never done in your entire life with the ball in your hand? Wasim Akram thodi na hai aap. Toh phir kyun karna? (You are not Wasim Akram, so why (try to unite skittles)),” Sehwag said as he spoke on Cricbuzz.

Babar Azam’s move to hand the ball over to Nawaz seemed to click when he allowed for a well-placed Hardik Pandya on the first delivery. The left arm spinner managed to keep Virat Kohli and Dinesh Karthik was silent for the next three balls before Kohli’s six-hit was ruled a waist-high no-ball.

The Pakistan players were upset with the decision and Babar was seen confronting the referees on the pitch. However, it seemed that the mishap played into Nawaz’s mind and he hit a wide ball as a result of which India got an extra run while Virat cleanly hit the next ball, the free throw held and the batsmen ran smartly. three after the ball rolled to third.

The referee marked it as three byes. Nawaz stumped Karthik for Mohammad Rizwan in the next installment and with Ravichandran Ashwin coming out to bat, India needed two runs in the final installment. The left arm spinner made a big mistake trying to trick Ashwin while he was shooting wide.

With one in need of a ball, Ashwin lobbed one over the middle fielder and India recorded a famous four-wicket win.

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