If Jay Shah really wanted to say something, he should have met with Ramiz Raja and ACC: Wasim Akram

Get all cricket updates! Follow us Things between the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) have reached a boiling point since Jay Shah, on his re-election as board secretary, took a strong stand in saying that Indian players will not visit Pakistan for the Asian Cup next … Read more

If BCCI is up for a neutral venue for the 2023 Asian Cup, then PCB should also be up for the same during the upcoming World Cup in India, says Saeed Anwar.

Get all cricket updates! Follow us Many reports suggested that India will travel to Pakistan for next year’s Asian Cup tournament, which made fans of both nations excited. But, in the latest developments, the secretary of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Jay Shah, confirmed that the Indian team will not travel … Read more

Pakistan to withdraw from World Cup 2023 if India pushes for neutral spot for next Asian Cup

Get all cricket updates! Follow us Earlier today (Oct 18), India Cricket Board of Control (BCCI) Secretary Jay Shah told reporters that India will not travel to Pakistan where the 2023 Asian Cup will be played, and also confirmed that India will play in a neutral venue. In response, recent reports suggest that the Pakistan … Read more