Pennsylvania Records $540 Million in Online Sports Betting for September – Basketball Insiders

Pennsylvania online sports betting reached $540 million in player bets in September, posting its highest since March. August saw just US$294.6 million in bets, resulting in September showing a staggering 83.1% monthly increase. It is also an 11.1% year-over-year increase from the $486.5 million wagered in September 2021.

Online sports betting is handled by a total of 13 sportsbooks across the state, each of which is associated with a retail location in the state. There are a total of 18 operating retail sites in Pennsylvania, showing only five without an attached online sports betting skin.

Retail sports betting also rebounded, rising 62.8% month-on-month from US$29.9 million in August to US$48.5 million in September. However, retail handling fell 5.5% from September 2021, which reached $51.3 million.

Promotional activity for online sports betting was the highest on record, reaching US$25 million for the month, due in large part to the resumption of the NFL and the restart of the NBA later in the month as well. Bonuses increased 206.1% from August to September and 28.1% year over year from $19.7 million in September 2021.

What was Pennsylvania’s record bet?

The two biggest months in Pennsylvania history came in October 2021 and January 2022, but if the last month’s increase is anything to go by, analysts believe driving could usurp both in the coming months as it resumes. the US calendar without interruptions caused by Covid-19. In addition, the FIFA World Cup (football) in Qatar will be played in December, adding yet another event to an already busy sports calendar.

Historically, football hasn’t had the same traction as the NBA, NFL, or MLB (or NCAA equivalents), but major events tend to see increased betting, and with the United States Men’s National Team United States of America classified and with the possibility of going to the classification. group stages, operators are right to be optimistic about an increase in football betting. Online casino gaming has been ‘pretty static’ compared to seasonal fluctuations in online sports betting; there are no obvious trends for it to peak when the sporting calendar is particularly quiet.

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