ICYMI: Ronnie2k Reveals Players Offered Bribes To Get Higher NBA2K Ratings

Apparently, there are several players who are even taking a hard road just to have higher NBA2K ratings. (writer’s note: Looking for other ways to earn online? try and click this no deposit casino bonus).

NBA2K digital marketing director Ronnie Singh, known as Ronnie2k, appeared on ESPN’s NBA Today earlier this month and revealed that there are players around the league who are interested in his 2K ratings.

Ronnie2k noticed that there were some who tried to bribe him for a favorable trade from a higher rank.

But he insisted that he did not accept these offers.

“We’ve had some bribes along the way,” he said. I have been offered some Grail shoes. I have been offered a variety of things. Here’s the thing: stop offering me anything. Do you know how you can improve your score? Play better.”

It may seem like a move driven by desperation, but it’s not really a surprise. Several star gamers have voiced their 2K ratings, demanding answers as to why they were rated lower compared to their subjective point of view.

One of the most notable scenarios in this regard was the case of Klay Thompson. Thompson, who was fired up after Ronnie’s statement and appearance on ESPN, wrote of his conflicting feelings.

“Did they really interview this clown?” Thompson wrote on Instagram.

Eventually, the star forward issued an apology due to his words about the developer.

“I would like to apologize to Ronnie 2K,” Thompson detailed in an Instagram story. “I was in my feelings about a fictional rating and took my anger out on him by trolling in the comments. Cyber ​​bullying is super pathetic and losing behavior and I’m sorry for that bro.”

As such, Ronnie2K’s advice can never be truer for gamers who want to raise their rating on the wonderful video game.

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