“I hope to win another NBA contract”

Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson isn’t worried about his upcoming contract extension. In July 2019, the Washington State product signed a five-year, $190 million max contract with the team.

His current contract expires at the end of the 2023-24 season. If Warriors general manager Bob Myers doesn’t offer Thompson a new contract, he will become an unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2024. For the 2022-23 season, the five-time All-Star will earn $40,600,080. .

According to some NBA betting sites, the Warriors are the favorites to repeat in 2023. However, some sportsbooks now give the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Clippers higher championship odds.

During an interview with NBA.com’s Mike Medina, the Warriors guard was asked whether or not he discussed a new contract with the front office.

“I haven’t talked to the front office about it,” Thompson replied. “I’m just going to do what I have to do to be the best I can be every day. I’m going to be a great player. I know what I’m capable of.”

“I look forward to winning another NBA contract, either this summer or next,” Thompson continued. “I have full confidence in my abilities.”

With the Warriors coming off a fourth championship in eight years, he’s not wrong.

“In the meantime, I’m not worried about an extension because I know what will happen if I do my job and be myself.”

Warriors guard Klay Thompson anticipates another NBA deal in future, enjoys playing with Draymond Green

In the 2021-22 season, the nine-year veteran averaged 20.4 points, 3.9 rebounds and 2.8 assists in 32 starts. Thompson missed the first half of the season because he was still recovering from an ACL injury.

On April 10, 2022, in the Warriors’ 128–107 win over the New Orleans Pelicans, the guard scored a season-high 41 points in 31 minutes of action. He finished 16 of 29 (55.2%) from the field and 7 of 14 (50%) from the center.

Additionally, Medina also mentioned that Draymond Green hit Jordan Poole at a team practice a few weeks ago. “It was unfortunate,” Klay Thompson said. “Violence is never the solution to anything, especially between teammates.”

“But we are getting over it. We talked to both players as a group about the need to understand what needed to be done to repair that relationship.”

“We know that winning heals everything, and that ‘Ring Night’ will help ease the pain of a couple of difficult weeks,” explained the Warriors guard.

“I love those two guys. Dramond is my brother. We’ve been through it all together. JP is like my little brother. I want the best for them. I am very excited that JP has spread. He earned it.”

“Seeing where he’s come from his rookie season and now being the future of the franchise is special. I know Draymond and I have a lot left in the tank, not just this year but for years to come.”

“We all love each other. We are not the Dubs without any of them. We need both of them to go where we want to go.” Of course, the Warriors have yet to offer Green a contract extension. He has a player option for the 2023-24 season.

Also, in Game 1 of the 2022 NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics, Thompson passed LeBron James for second on the NBA playoffs all-time 3-point list.

In Game 5, the guard joined LeBron and teammate Stephen Curry as the only players in league history to make at least 100 3-pointers in the NBA Finals.

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