“I don’t know what they are writing about me.” Bhuvneshwar Kumar made a big reveal before the India-South Africa match

Team India’s fast pitcher Bhuvneshwar Kumar was repeatedly criticized on social media in the 19th before the T20 World Cup. After arriving in Australia, Bhuvi shut the mouths of the trollers with his superb bowling. With inexpensive bowls first against Pakistan and then the Netherlands, Bhuvi once again earned the trust of cricket fans and captain Rohit Sharma. At the same time, Bhuvneshwar Kumar has made a huge statement about social media.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar gave a great reaction to the criticism.

Actually, the fast pitcher of the India team, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, attended a press conference before the India-South Africa match in the World Cup. In this press conference, after his poor performance in the Asian Cup, when asked about the criticism, he explained with gestures that he was not happy with it.

He said: ‘Things that happened once in so many years were bad. It happened like that. Talk about. The media and commentators can talk a lot, but the team knows that we have to go through ups and downs.

Bhuvi does not pay attention to social networks during the game

Bhuvneshwar Kumar made a big statement about social media

Following this, Bhuvneshwar Kumar further said, ‘T20 is such a format that if the field is not favourable, it can be difficult not only for the bowlers but also for the batsmen. But the Asian Cup was a big competition, so people paid more attention. They said, “During the World Cup, I stayed completely away from social media so I don’t know what’s written because it’s social media so you know everything.”

We inform that the India team will face South Africa in the Mission T20 World Cup on October 30. This match between both teams will be played at Sydney Cricket Ground. The Indian team will try to secure their place for the semi-finals by winning this match.

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