‘I developed a cocaine dependency’: Wasim Akram makes shocking revelation about post-retirement cocaine addiction

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As the nation is still reeling from Pakistan’s shocking defeat against Zimbabwe, Wasim Akram has shocked the entire world after revealing his cocaine addiction after retiring from cricket. The former Pakistani great made this shocking revelation in his new book Sultan: A Memoir.

wasim akram he is considered one of the greatest left arm pacemakers of all time due to his natural ability to move the ball both ways. After making his debut for Pakistan in 1984, the celebrated pacemaker played over 900 international wickets before retiring in 2003. His most memorable outing came against England in the 1992 World Cup final when he cleared out Allan Lamb and Chris Lewis. in consecutive installments. to set up Pakistan’s maiden win, following their dizzying 33 runs from just 18 early-inning deliveries.

The 56-year-old revealed his cocaine addiction in his new autobiography after retiring from cricket. He also admitted to quitting the drug after the untimely death of his first wife from a rare yeast infection in 2009.

“Fame culture in South Asia is absorbing, seductive and corrupting. You can go to 10 parties a night, and some do. And it took its toll on me. Huma’s last selfless and unconscious act was to cure me of my problem drug That way of life was over, and I have never looked back,” Wasim Akram shared his views with the Times.

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