Dodgers: Personality asks for Dave Roberts job after NLDS collapse

The Dodgers had a target on their back from the start of the season after Dave Roberts secured a World Series championship. The confidence felt justified after the team put together such a stacked roster across the board and finished the regular season with the best record in baseball.

Fast-forward to reality and we find the Dodgers out of the postseason with an early exit against the Padres. The hype surrounding the team was automatically squashed when the team went through a pitching carousel and the starting lineup didn’t show up for three straight games.

In what seemed to be one of the most stacked teams in Dodgers franchise history, the team takes a hit and becomes one of the most disappointing teams overnight. Who is to blame in this?

TV personality Chris Brockman was quick to point the finger at Roberts and even believes his coaching job should be in jeopardy after such promise and collapse (via The Rich Eisen Show).

“The Dodgers are supposed to win the World Series and dominate everybody and absolutely smothered harder than we’ve seen a baseball team do in a long time. That usually gets people fired. … When you’re supposed to win the World Series and tell everyone in the free world you’re going to do it in March, you lose your job if you lose in the first round.”

The frustration makes sense after what seemed like such a promising season. Roberts couldn’t keep his promise and his job should be in jeopardy, but it was made abundantly clear that Roberts won’t lose his job any time soon.

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