Dodgers news: Trea Turner breaks silence on social media following NLDS upset

Tuesday was a big day for Dodgers players named Turner who posted on Instagram for the first time since Los Angeles’ shocking loss to the Padres in the NLDS. First it was Justin Turner apologizing and thanking fans on Tuesday morning. Later that day, Trea Turner swung into action.

Trea’s message was a bit shorter than JT’s, but there’s probably more to read simply because we know Trea is headed to free agency and we don’t know the status of Justin’s contract for next year. When a player like Trea could leave, the temptation is to analyze each word and search for meaning.

@DoyersDave The last word is “special”. Flip it over and it says “LA Ice PS,” so what he’s saying is, “PS, I’m going back to LA next year to try and get that ice.”

Realistically, Trea probably doesn’t have much more of an idea if she’s coming back to LA next year than we do right now. Free agency doesn’t actually start until after the World Series, so Trea hasn’t received any offers yet and no official word on which teams are interested in him. There is a possibility that he has already decided to move on, but it is more likely that he does not know what the future holds.

So there’s not much to discuss other than a short and simple “thank you” to the Dodgers fans. He didn’t apologize like JT did, which is fine; JT probably didn’t need to apologize, but it’s okay that he did. Trea just acknowledged the tough end to the season and thanked the Dodgers fans for showing up every night.

Dodgers fans get a bad rap, but every player wants fans who passionately love their team, and we bring that passion and love to our Boys in Blue every day.

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