Dodgers: Joe Davis in October a silver lining for Los Angeles fans

We all know that our very own Joe Davis was destined to be great as the “October Voice of Baseball.” It’s what he’s dreamed of doing since he was a kid and now he’s finally making those dreams come true.

Although the Dodgers were eliminated in the NLDS, a part of us is still in the World Series. Joe Davis has been a play-by-play announcer for the team since 2016, following the legendary Vin Scully.

This year, Fox selected Davis to be the postseason commentator and we couldn’t be happier for him. We just wish that was us he was commentating for in the World Series.

On Sunday afternoon, the Phillies clinched their spot in the World Series after defeating the Padres 3-1 in the NL Championship Series. In the eighth inning of Game 5, Bryce Harper hit a two-run home run that cemented the team’s 4-3 victory.

Immediately after the ball made contact with Harper’s bat, Joe Davis knew where it was going.

“It’s in the air, left center field, Harper, swing of a lifetime!”

His call instantly went viral all over Twitter, as both Los Angeles fans and MLB fans in general felt his description of the hit was on point. At least one good thing to come out of this postseason (and, of course, the Phillies sending the Padres home).

This is Harper’s moment and I couldn’t be happier for him. But I would like to mention the call from Joe Davis. What a call in the moment, and let the moment breathe afterwards. Just perfect baseball timing all around.

Not the first or last to say this, but this was a great call from @Joe_Davis. Baseball fans are lucky he’s in the World Series rosters this October.

But that’s not the first call to get some love this postseason.

For fans of broadcasting: Really impressed with Joe Davis, as a national voice, reaching the big moments in this series. Elevated, controlled: you can feel his appreciation for big plays, regardless of the team.🎙️

I have enjoyed Joe Davis. every call has been good. he makes the call and then lets the crowd take over. 10/10 without notes.

We are very fortunate to call Davis one of our own and we are very proud that he is able to have this opportunity. He deserves it. Good luck in the World Series, Joe, and keep having fun.

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