Bronny James signs with Beats By Dre to join his father Lebron

Bronny James joins his father Lebron James in a deal with Beats By Dre. The NIL deals have sparked a wave of athletes being signed by major companies and brands to represent them.

Lebron James Jr., also known as “Bronny,” is the latest high school athlete to take advantage of NIL deal signings. He teamed up with Beats By Dre, of whom his father Lebron was the first ambassador, 14 years ago.

This is Bronny’s senior year of high school and he is ready to go to college next season. As Lebron’s son, Bronny is under pressure to be a star like his dad.

Of course, Bronny is the first high school athlete to sign with Beats By Dre. Those are the perks of life you get as the son of Lebron James. The Sierra Canyon High School senior is also being recruited by some of the biggest programs in college basketball. Would you expect less?

Bronny received an offer from Kentucky, Memphis, Michigan, Ohio State, Oregon and USC. The 6-foot-3 point guard was at Notre Dame vs. Ohio State on Sept. 3 and Ohio State reaffirmed their permanent scholarship for him. Lebron was also present.

His father will influence where his son goes to play in college. As most know, Lebron went straight from high school to the NBA, but he has been affiliated with Ohio State for years as he hails from Akron, Ohio. However, what if Bronny doesn’t go the traditional route?

He could sign with G League Ignite or even go overseas and play in the NBL like LaMelo Ball did. Ultimately, the decision is up to Bronny on what he wants his future to look like. There has been a lot of expectation that he can turn pro after high school and play for the G League Ignite or go overseas in the NBL. The 18-year-old still has some time to decide.

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