Andre Drummond says he is the ‘best rebounder of the last century’

During the offseason, Andre Drummond signed a two-year, $6.6 million deal with the Chicago Bulls, and the center’s performances thus far are being noted by one player in particular on the floor.

The 10-year veteran also believes he has been the best rebounder of the past two decades. Needless to say, the statistics support his claim. Since the 2000-01 season, Drummond has the highest average of total rebounds per game.

According to some NBA betting sites, the Bulls have the 18 best odds to win the championship in 2023. Some sportsbooks are keeping their expectations low until Lonzo Ball returns from his knee injury.

“You have the best rebounder of the last century on your team,” Andre Drummond told reporters after the Bulls’ 124-109 win over the Indiana Pacers.

“I take rebounding seriously. And I know that’s something that was missing from this team. Going after every rebound is something I bring to this team. And I think it’s showing.’”

Last season, Nikola Vucevic averaged 11 rebounds in 73 starts. However, the Bulls still finished 28th in the NBA in boards, amassing 42.3 per game.

Bulls center Andre Drummond thinks he’s the ‘best rebounder of the last century’

Through five games off the bench this season, Drummond is averaging 7.4 points and 9.4 rebounds in just 15.3 minutes. He is also shooting 48.4% from the field.

Of course, Vucevic averaged 13 boards as a starter this season. In the Bulls’ 120-102 victory over the Boston Celtics on Monday, the center finished his performance with 18 points and a career-high 23 rebounds.

But recording 11.8 rebounds is still a huge accomplishment for the former Orlando Magic star.

“I played against him a lot over the years,” Vucevic replied, when asked about Andre Drummond. “It’s great competition when you’re up against a guy who’s been playing this long and has been an All-Star. He makes you better.”

“I think through camp and all of our practices, we’ve had good battles when we’ve played and done different drills. He has helped both of us.”

“It’s definitely a load down there on the boards. I use my speed. He definitely has a huge size advantage. It makes me have to work harder to keep him away.’”

Andre Drummond has led the NBA in rebounding four times since the Detroit Pistons selected him No. 9 in the 2012 NBA Draft. In 78 appearances in the 2017-18 season, Drummond averaged 16 boards with the Pistons, the maximum of his career.

“I think that’s what makes this team so good,” Drummond continued of the Bulls’ strengths. “We both know that we are very good players, and that takes us to the next level. With our second unit, it’s more or less a starting lineup.”

It’s just that. Drummond is a capable starter. Whether off the bench with Chicago or as a starter with the Brooklyn Nets, the center always comes prepared to do his job. He averaged 10.3 rebounds for Brooklyn last season.

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